Hello Everyone,
This is the home page to Echoes of Olume, a campaign setting that has been in the works for over 15 years. It is made up of a thousand game nights, random thoughts, and scraps of notes littered about my desk and bookcases. Slowly this will become a living world right here in front of you on Obsidian Portal. As I type up my ideas, cities, game mechanics, or plot hooks please speak up, chime in, I value the opinion of everyone here. That’s why I invited you. For those of you that have known me longer, have been part of game nights with me, or read my many horribly misspelled stories and adventures, much of this will be familiar at first, but I’m hoping that it has grown and aged well, becoming something with three dimensions. Games and their settings should have depth and feel real.

So please help me with grammar and spelling, and help me keep the cheese out of Olume as I glue these thousands of pieces together. My goal is that within two years I will have this to the point I can pitch a campaign setting book to publishers.

Echoes of Olume

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