Days of the Week

The days of the week are determined by Olume’s seven suns.

Moonday- The 1st day of the week, as a day of nighttime darkness with day sun raising that day.The rogue moon Bin Mondis, the icey hunter, who is always full, replaces the sun in the sky giving off a clean silver light.

Twinsday- The 2nd day of the week, called Twosday in some cities, twins are praised on twinsday. This is a day to hold marriages and a day for visiting as it is bad luck to be alone on twinsday. There is two suns in the sky on Twinsday. One hour after the first sun raises on time with the normal cycle, the second appears trailing the first for the day to set one hour after, giving one extra hour of day light.

Windsday- The 3rd day of the week. There is alway heavy winds on Windsday. The sun on Windsday in a small sun with a slight blue tint to it’s light. It gives off less heat than the other suns making Windsday on aveage 20 degree cooler than other days.

Thornsday- The 4rd day of the week, it’s bad luck to harm plants and go into the forest on Thornsday.

Fireday- The 5th day of the week, the sun is red on Fireday.

Satyrday- The 6th day of the week. The Satyrday sun is invisible, giving off heat and light but cannot be pin pointed beyond a general direction. On Satyrday the magic that wards satyers and other simailar fey from enter cities fail often making Satyrday a day of music, drinking, and dancing.

Sunday- The 7th day of the week, the sun is white on Sunday, and much brighter than the other suns giving the illusion of a bleached out world.

Notes from Mike Wice:
Heyyyyy Matt, I think some of these are awesome, and I think some could be made better. I like some of the tradition things that are implied in these, but I think a lot of these things need to be made more “Olume”.

I do think the names of the days of the week should be more unique and not based on the existing days of the week (which were named after ancient Gods of our own Earth and would not exist in another realm). Having them be mutations of our days breaks the suspension of disbelief for me. I just think taking existing names and changing them a little just doesn’t make for a believable world. Olume will have its own gods, its own traditions, its own naming conventions. I think you should embrace that. Come at this setting not as a citizen of our Earth, but as if you are a scholar writing from an ancient library that exists in Olume with no knowledge of Earth.

I also think the attributes of each day should not necessarily be the same each week. Is it truly windy on every location on the planet on Windsday? I just feel like it makes the setting less believable in this way. I think the names of the days should not necessarily reflect worldwide environmental effects, but might instead be named after your gods, or an older pantheon or something similar. Or perhaps be named after rituals that were once performed by a dominant religion on that particular day or something similar. Something that is only Olume, something from its history or its gods.

I do like the taboo against harming plants on a particular day. Things like that are subtle and more believable to me and feel like less of a leap of faith in feeling like this world could exist.

While I like the idea of seven suns for a fantasy world, the scientist in me knows that there are no solar systems in the known universe that have 7 stars in them. This could be a deal breaker for folks who want more believability in their setting. A world with 7 suns in our universe would likely be incredibly inhospitably hot. I guess I sort of think having 7 suns showing up all different days just asks the reader to stretch his belief a bit (or a lot for some people) and it doesn’t feel like it adds much other than “well thats weird.”

Anyway, I like some parts of this and others I think need work. I am certainly not bashing anything, I just want to see things more “This is Olume” rather than “This is an alternate Earth” type thing, specifically in naming conventions.

Days of the Week

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